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Welcome! We are very excited that club will be going forward this year!
Registration for 2020-2021 closed on August 15, 2020. If you are still interested in joining, please contact to inquire about late registration. 
For members, please log in for information on how we will be conducting various club events this year.

Senior Recognition at 2018 Central Valley Challenge Speech & Debate Tournament

Welcome to Fortitude Speech & Debate!
Fortitude is a Christian homeschool forensics club based in Fresno, California. As an affiliate member of the national league, Stoa, Fortitude serves junior high and high school speech and debate students from privately educated Christian homeschooling families. Fortitude seeks to equip students to hone their God-given rhetorical skills, that they may speak boldly, and change the world for Christ. Click on the specific pages on the left for more information about Fortitude.
"I have used the skills I gleaned from speech and debate in every area of my life. Debate taught me the critical thinking skills needed to craft, analyze, and respond to arguments in a logical and persuasive way. Speech was fundamental in developing my speaking ability and confidence, and improved skills like time-management, essay writing, and researching. Speech and debate was the highlight of my high-school experience and I cannot recommend it enough!" - Rebekah Vehrs, alumnus

"Speech and debate has not only been the most formative experience of my high school years, but it has prepared me for a career pursuing law and government. The academic rigor, competition, mentorships, and friendships I have made through Fortitude are treasures I would not trade for anything." - Sean Cox, alumnus

"Speech and debate taught me how to effectively communicate with others, persuade audiences, and listen well. Fortitude helped me solidify a career path in my decision to pursue law." - Davis Culy, alumnus
"Speech and debate has benefited our kids in ways we never thought possible! To say our children are different now than prior to starting in the club would be a huge understatement. It has fundamentally changed them in regards to their confidence level, ability to articulate well, and think critically while using logic. Our daughter, who was painfully shy, unable to even ask for a napkin at a restaurant, can now speak with confidence in front of an audience of 75 people! Although our son is an extrovert and has always enjoyed talking, his communication skills have reached new heights and his listening comprehension has been greatly enhanced. His new found skills have opened countless opportunities and have paved the way for a bright future. Not only has speech and debate benefited our kids, but it has enriched our lives as parents. We have made so many great friendships through the tournaments we have attended over the years, and some of these will undoubtedly last a lifetime. Our family looks forward to seeing what God will be doing in and through the lives of our kids." - Mike and Sherrie Culy, parents